Primary Care

Annual Physicals, Vaccines, Health Maintenance, Disease Screening and Prevention, Routine Medical Care, Home Health Services.


Full spectrum of Specialists including Medical and Surgical Specialists as well as Allied Health Services.

Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility

Our Physicians have admitting privileges at Corona Regional Medical Center, Parkview Community Hospital, and Riverside Community Hospital.   Our Physicians also care for patients at various Skilled Nursing Facilities in Riverside, Corona and outlying Communities.

Emergency Room and Urgent Care

All Medical Emergencies are referred to the closest Emergency Room regardless of insurance.  For Urgent Care we utilize contracted centers only.


We are in the process of implementing a Telemedicine Express Care service for non-life threatening low acuity medical conditions such as common colds, skin rashes and short supply medication refills for stable chronic medical conditions. One of our Primary Care Physician Offices will also be implementing routine Telemedicine office visits.

Home Visits

A home visit is a face-to-face visit with a family in the family’s home or other alternate location to facilitate meeting the family’s goals.

Providing Quality

You can BELIEVE in

Optimal Health

Aligned Community Physicians (ACP) is a group of experienced, energetic, engaging and friendly primary care physicians dedicated to providing efficient and effective quality healthcare. Our physicians are your partners to achieving optimal health by using best practices and evidence-based medical care. We encourage our physicians to use relevant medical evidence and research in the fields of health maintenance and disease prevention to improve the wellness and quality of life for our members.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


“Cares for patients as humans and not like just a next number in line or not just the next patient file, in the patient file slot on the exam room door.”

Ester King


"very attentive & knowledgeable physicians. Caring and explain everything thoroughly, They answer your questions and address your concerns. I highly recommended."

Mohammad Ashrif


"Network Cared for both my mother and father, both of which lived until age 90 and 93, respectively. Caring doctors and always made sure I understood everything about their health and their needs. I am so thankful for doctors taking such good care of them! Dad was very active until age 93 because of Doctors. Will always be thankful!"

Suzette Peterson

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